Triman is a National Pharmaceutical company which manufacture medicines and vitamins. Triman has manufacturing license from Ministry of Health and GMP certificate from BPOM Indonesia.


Triman was established in 1968 by Mr. Iswanto Wangsaputra, he was a Pharmacist with noble purpose, to improve people healthiness level.

Triman in the early of establishment, was located in Sinarmanah Bandung. In 1997,  Triman moved the  old facility to new location in Rancaekek, Jl Peundeuy Km.1.


Occupied 14.000 m2 land, Triman build a GMP standard Factory with compliance to the current regulation.


Triman has a commitment to provides high quality medicine with affordable price. As a National Company, Triman consist to produce and support Government Healthy Program and active to participate in National Tender.

Triman’s portfolio is Generic, Branded Generic, Multivitamins and others. Product quality is maintained as Indonesia Pharmacopeia standard.


High Ethics is the main principle in providing product and quality service.


To be a Pharmaceutical company who can contribute to the world.


To improve people healthiness level with providing high quality and affordable medicine.